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Tuesday, 03 May 2011
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Thursday, 17 February 2011
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Thursday, 17 February 2011
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A. Preparatory actions

A.1 Definitive and executive planning, work direction, integrative documentation for authorization issue, safety coordination in the planning phase
A.2 Topographic detailed surveys.
A.3 Geological, hydro-geological and geotechnical surveys.
A.4 Convention/formal agreement for the availability of the areas.
A.5 Best Practice review (Restoration and fruition of wetlands and coastal protected areas)


C. Concrete conservation actions :

C.1 Ecological restoration: freshwater pond A
C.2 Ecological restoration:  salty wetland B   
C.3 Construction of the connection canal between freshwater pond and salty wetland
C.4 Restoration of the irrigation network for the wetland supply
C.5 Naturalistic conservation works on the dune system
C.6 Countermeasures against invasive alien species, to allow the re-introduction
C.7 Works for fauna
C.8 Works for the fruition and the naturalistic interpretation (paths)
C.9: Works for the fruition and the naturalistic interpretation (bird watching sheds)


D. Public awareness and dissemination of results

D.1 Leaflets-brochures
D.2 Popular publication
D.3 Posters
D.4 Layman’s report
D.5 Local event/generic public: project presentation
D.6 Local event/generic public: project update
D.7 Public National Conference/specialized audience (e.g. decision-makers)
D.8 Public National Conference/very specialized audience (e.g. experts, academics)
D.9 Public International Conference/specialized audience (e.g research institutes, Protected Areas)
D.10 Working table with tour operators
D.11 Didactic activities for children and young people (day nursery, primary and secondary schools)
D.12 Guided tours for adults
D13. Participation to a National trade fair on nature and eco-compatible tourism
D.14 On site Panels
D.15 Web site and newsletters
D.16 Audiovisual production
D.17 Gadgets production


E. Overall project operation and monitoring:

E.1 Coordination, administrative-financial management, (auditing and reporting)
E.2 Technical activity reports
E.3 After life communication plan
E.4 After life conservation plan
E.5 Networking (project promotion at national and European level)
E.6 Training for the Reserve employees (for afterlife management and maintenance files)
E.7 Monitoring plan
E.8 Periodic monitoring campaigns of the interventions
E.9 Monitoring reports