SentinaRe.S.C.We. project, Restoration of Sentina Coastal Wetlands (LIFE09 NAT/IT/000608) has been financed by the European Commission with Life+ 2009, component Nature and Biodiversity.

It’s a demonstrative and  “best practice” project,   covering Natura 2000 areas that correspond to the Site of Community Interest  “Litorale Porto D’ascoli” (pSCI IT5340001 - SPA IT53400022) and make part of the Regional Natural Reserve “Sentina”.

The project has scheduled works aimed at restoring and conserving the pre-existing wetlands and at protecting the residual dune formations along the coastal area. The project lasted 30 months, activities begin on September 1st and will ended on March 30th. The overhall budget was € 1.119.018,  CE co-financing covers the 50%  equal to € 559.509,50.

Download here a brief project presentation.